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    • TobiWan, I do think you should tag this pic 😄They all look great (and dynamic) together!

      • and a tag is what exactly? btw for what is that usefull?

        • @tobiwan Here is the shield icon to tag a picture. A bit like a hashtag it allows other users to search the picture data base of a specific figure and find all the pictures related to that figure. If you tag your picture users who search for Star-Lord hot toys will find your picture and get idea for poses for example. Let me know if it is not clear!

        • Afterwards, it will look like this. You can tag multiple figures.

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    • A Jedi with a Marvel Studios logo? TobiWan, you are going all in👍 I tried to sneak peek at your collection. Have you tried adding them?

      • yes i tried sth. but honestly my laptop is shit.ill wait to get home and then i update this page for you all 🙂
        i love the idea of this site and i hope for more colectors.

        • Thank you, TobiWan! 👍We did the soft launch yesterday and with just 3 posts and 24h we are getting our first 100 users. I think that is incredible and the information which we needed that we are doing something right for the community (believe me, it was somewhat boring working in building all this from zero and no one to see and to test if what we…Read More

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