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    MetyCZ Darth Maul and Shock Trooper

    3 months, 2 weeks ago
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    • Imagine being a stormtrooper, just doing your job and all of a sudden the actual devil comes at you with a lightsaber…

      • Haha 😀 Stormtrooper or Rebel…. Maul doesn’t care 😀 He’ll crush anyone that stnds in his way

        • that’s what I like about him so much. In clone wars and beyond he was just on his own side, not caught up in the political wars. Chaotic neutral for sure

      • Exactly, I feel sorry for them here and in the Mandalorian. They are just cannon fodder in that show. At least, I can understand them getting smashed against Maul, like in here!

        (SPOILER WARNING) But the Mandalorian and 4 buddies taking an entire vessel full of troopers? (SPOILER FINISHED) Give me a break. Sorry, I digressed hehehe

        • Haha 😀 stormtroopers have only one puprose… They are meant to be crushed 😀 or smashed or shot or cut in half 😆

        • Hey I loved when Mando, Bo Katan and friends destroyed the stormtrooper batallion. It shows just how powerful true Mandalorians are, plus Bo Katan is one of the most fearsome mandalorians we’ve seen. If in their history Mandalorians can wage a war against the Jedi, then they should have no problems against troopers who can barely see out of their helmets haha

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