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  • Finally found a pose to settle for a while. Who said 3 figures in a Detolf shelf starts looking too busy? : )

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  • Finally found a pose to settle for a while

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  • Finally the Heavy Mando arrived to complete the scene (I will probably tweak it more)

  • Long due reposing!

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  • I received this Mando a week ago and first time I build a little diorama. I like this pose (I know, the Whistling birds are too much with the flamethrower and the child in a single pose, I just wanted everything even if over the top :p ).

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    • Heavy Mando will be included in here soon (hopefully!)

    • Awesome 👌 I’m still waiting for my Durasteel Mando 😀 How did you make the the diorama? Looks sick 😉 You should make some article about building dioramas

      • Thank you! Styrofoam, glue, acrylic paint and any material that comes with packages that I could transform in an object. Also a heated cutter for Styrofoam.
        An article? It could be, but only if it is a beginner’s guide !😀I am sure that there are tutorials made by people more gifted than I am.

  • I know, more Superman photos. My only DC figure (got too late into HT to get one of the Arkham Batmans). I really like the blue and red in this figure. It gives some vivid colors to my (mostly) Star Wars display.

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    • That looks magnificent, great pose! I might have to borrow it for my JL Supes. I’m far too ashamed to post my entire Justice League setup because I’m unhappy with just about every pose I’ve done for them.

      Also, is that a third party wired cape?

      • Thanks, Keeks! Of course, I am happy that you liked it. The cape? Ahh! it is actually the original cape : ) I was just creative and I used the flight pole that comes with Superman and bent the pole (without the clamp). It is just well hidden.

  • Photo from HT’s Secret Base

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    • I’ve seen a lot of people aren’t happy with the head sculpt, so I hope for their sake the release version is more to their taste. Regardless, I’m still all in on this one.

      • All in the figure or the Clone Wars line? I will decide when it is close to release how I still feel about the figure. It is a very nice looking piece indeed. I am in the camp of not a fan of the HS, but not a deal breaker, it just does not help to sell the figure for me though.

        • Both! haha. Well, maybe not all the Clone Troopers from the Clone Wars line, but certainly some!

  • Bo-Katan announced. Anyone getting it? We will upload her in a couple of days. Add her to your wish list or collection (pre-ordered) if interested and we all can know how sought after she seems to be!
    At Secret Base, her price is HK$ 1,730. An increase of 10-15% from similar figures in the last year. Hot Toys is definitely price testing the market!

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    • 100% grabbing this one! Pity about the prices rising though.

      • I am not sure yet, but I would bet I am in the minority. The price is the same as the last Boba Fett, so I expect that Sideshow MSRP will be USD 285, which last year would be a USD 240-250 figure (i.e. Commander Cody & Captain Rex).

    • I can’t justify that price to get it. I’m not super keen on the character either, so I can pass on this if I have to, which I am. We’re talking roughly 325USD total. If it was like 250-260MSRP I could get behind that. Considering inflation and improved quality/engineering that would seem justifiable. Pass for me.

      • I have the same opinion. Just FYI, toys buying agent in HK is selling it for USD 270 shipped (paying 50% or 100% one year in advance, so some counterparty risk). For USD 285 MSRP + I am not as hyped as those who grew up watching “Clone Wars”, likely a pass for me too (I will get it from HK if I do). But it is a very nice figure! At least we are…Read More

    • I’ll be getting her because she’s ultimately a clone wars character and I’m going all in on any CW figures. However that headsculpt is not good, she honestly looks like a man as is. I hope they improve the head, if not mine will always be wearing the helmet

      • hehehe Very much agree. I think the eyes are too small and the face is slightly too elongated. But not a deal breaker per se, especially for someone all in in CW. (really, all the clones if they release them?)

        • ah no I won’t be getting all the clones. Those coruscant guards for example, I’ll be passing on. I do have 3 501st on order as well as Rex. If they release 212ths I’ll definitely be getting those to go with Cody. If they release any named clones like Fives, Bly or Wolffe I would definitely get them

    • I’ve been waiting for this since she showed up in Mando 😀 The HS isn’t 100% on point but still really good. She’ll probably go to my CW collection instead of Mando 😀

  • Commander Cody waitlisted in Sideshow. Still available for a hefty price tag in HK (Toys Buying Agent and Toys Wonderland). Maybe we should start tracking how long does it take for each figure to go waitlisted?

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    • That would be a neat feature. To show how long a figure was in stock for. Darkside Anakin was in stock for like a year, wehreas Krennic waitlisted very fast, a couple weeks I think

    • Well… it was inevitable 😀 Mine should arrive in few weeks (I’m from central Europe so we get everything much later than in US :D)

    • I actually my own tool that tracks Sideshow status changes, though I don’t keep analytical data. I can look back though and see Cody came in stock 01/20/2021, waitlisted 3/2/2021

  • Some Cody reposing!

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  • New Miles Morales Spider Man announced

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    • Looks 🔥 I should finally play the game 😀

      • I like it too, but too much heat from SW at the moment, so I cannot commit (yet). I decided to have only a single wall for my collection, so I am running out of space (I do not want my figures too close together, and I like to pose them). Let’s see. And how will this figure change its eyes?! Led? Not possible with batteries dying in 20 mins.

  • Announcement of Boba Fett as seen in Mandalorian S2. The deluxe set comes with 2 figures (I believe it was the Batman Returns the last time HT did a 2-pack). The armor is before the repaint.
    Sideshow: USD 490 (deluxe)
    USD 285 (Regular)

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    • Great looking figure, but I think I will pass and wait for the repainted version (not a big Boba Fett fan, I do not even have the regular ESB or ROTJ versions, I just want to have one version of him).

      • I’m passing on this one too. I really want repainted version. I’d rather have the ESB boba over this mando weathered one. And I definitely don’t need like 4 or 5 Bobas, so pass for me

    • Not exactly what I was hoping for but still happy with this deluxe pack 🙂

  • He can pose! (even with the fat suit on)

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  • Anyone interested in these two from HT?

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    • Bo is D1 PO for me 😀 Not 100% sure about this version of Boba tho… It would be great if they made the armor removable and added headsculpt, cape, rifle and gaderffii so you could have salvaged armor Boba or nomad Boba

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    Thought about posting some of these. Prototype photos in HT for the Dark Trooper.
    #Hottoys #starwarsfigures

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    • I know some who might be buying multiples, isn’t it @metycz? 🙂 I will wait for final product photos before I decide (answer is no so far for me)

      • I’m not 100% sure about this one after I saw photos from secret base 😅 I’ll also wait for the final product… But I wasn’t really thrilled about Solo Maul till I saw final product photos and reviews and now I’m really happy that I didn’t sleep on him 🙂 This might be the same case

    • these are cool but I already have 2 death troopers and will be getting 2 shoretroopers, so I’m not sure if I want to delve into army building with the dark troopers. I don’t like having single troopers by themselves, and 2 dark troopers will be expensive haha

      • I have the same opinion (and also bought 2 DT and getting the 2 shoretroopers : ) ). Still not convinced with the their plastic look. Maybe the final product will look better for me.

        • they do look a bit cartoony to me. The DTs and shoretroopers look like serious soldiers and imo look a lot better and are more iconic

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  • Experimenting a bit (photography and pose)

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  • HT News:
    Hellboy (finally) released in HK today.

    #HotToys #Collectibles #SixthScale #Hellboy

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    • Damn this looks so cool, don’t think this will sell out anytime soon so I might have to pick him up later

      • It is a very nice “one-off” and very different than anything else HT has made before. In HK, his price the usual “first batch” pre-order price, so it seems demand is normal. You might get a good deal if you wait a little (buying from HK), the prices might drop.

  • Hot Toys announced Batman and Robin from the Batman Forever movie (1997) and slated for Q2 2022.
    They are up for pre-order in Sideshow. Batman for USD 245 and Robin for USD 235 and for HKD 1530 and HKD 1490 at Secret Base.
    No comments from me regarding the… artistic choice of the suits from Joel Schumacher (the film’s director) : ) .
    In my opi…Read More

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