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  • Starting to get hyped for ZS Justice League, even though I don’t hold a huge amount of hope for it being great (at least for the majority of viewers). That said, I personally loved Batman v Superman Ultimate Cut, so figured now’s a great time to show my BvS detolf shelf.

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    • That shelf! You have a lot of figures that I have missed. I am still debating which one looks better, Superman JL or BVS. Just be careful with that HT’s clamp on Superman, I would recommend some extra padding.

  • New arrival to the collection: Thanos.
    I knew this figure would be large, but I wasn’t anticipating just how large it actually is. It’s immediately in my top 5 figures of all time (don’t ask me what the others are just yet, I’m still deciding! haha).

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  • My Endor shelf. I’ve heard some mixed opinions about the Wicket figure, but I think it looks great. Guessing it’s not entirely screen accurate, but at least everyone who visits and sees it instantly knows it’s an Ewok so I’m happy with that.

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    • Nice display with those 3. The bases really do give a diorama feel to it all. Perfect shelf as it is in my opinion.
      Are we going to see a glimpse/poses for that Armored Batman BVS as well? : )

  • Director Krennic. I like the look of him with the head tilted down normally, as it really seems to capture the look of the character in Rogue One. Unfortunately I found it didn’t look very good on the lower shelf I had him on, so he’s looking up for now. Still a great figure.

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    • Those 3 make a great shelf!

    • He’s the one that got away from me. Didn’t have the budget at the time and I regret not picking him up so much 🙁

      • I know what you mean. I got mine on eBay for a pretty horrific price.

        • how bad was it? I’m still debating getting him, but I haven’t checked pricing in a while

        • Actually looking back at it it wasn’t too bad for the figure itself — about $425 AUD/$325 USD, which is roughly the going rate for Hot Toys (in Australia at least). It was the shipping on top of it that was expensive. It came to about $580 AUD (~$440 USD) total including shipping. It’s reasonably new to me, so prices might still be reasonable if…Read More


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