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  • Got my new display case. Changed to a more dynamic pose for Black Widow.

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    • That 85 looks great. Really interested in seeing the BD version in the future. Thinking of getting one more IM figure, but waiting to see if they reissue anymore this year.

      • The Mark 85 is a beautiful piece, I am really happy about it. My grail figure is Mark III. I kinda hope they do a reissue of that at some point. I can’t justify buying one off eBay at the prices it’s currently going at.

  • Just got her in and I absolutely adore her!

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    • Great pose!

    • Did you do something to her hair? Or does it look like that out of the box? It really looks good.
      Very elegant pose and it is definitely a beautiful sculpt! What do you think, if you have Thanos, to put him behind her with his hand on her shoulder (Gamora in the same pose)?

      • Her hair was pretty much like that out of the box, but I added some hairspray to keep it from becoming frizzing from me handling her. I think that pose will Thanos would fit really well with this, but unfortunately, I don’t have him. Might have to try something similar with the Star-Lord that I have though!


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