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    3 months ago

    Who’s getting this? I’m begrudgingly getting it. Not going to keep the superman, but not passing on the batman.

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    • I think HT will be experimenting for a while with sets and see if annual revenue increases. Thus, if most people buy these sets (especially the customers who would only buy one of the figures), then HT’s strategy will prove sound and this might become the new norm (attaching a product to another one). I have seen some people who wants the Superman instead, maybe trying to have an arrangement with someone you trust?

      I quite like the set. But I have 15 pre-orders already, so I am being very picky in what is right for me going forward, but both figures are beautiful. I just prefer other versions of both characters.
      Collecting figures/art is very subjective : )

      • I don’t know. I think if they keep doing sets (especially like this one) that force you to buy a figure you already have, you might piss off your target audience. The Boba Fett one was clever, and makes sense, there is a clear deluxe and standard version. But with the ZSJL pack, it’s all or nothing. Not everyone has that kind of money to drop on packs either. You’d limit your potential profit by limiting the format they release figures in. I foresee a good amount of people splitting it up when it comes. Which is good for the collectors, but not for retailers since they aren’t getting that money.

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