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    Berblu posted in the group 1/6 & 1/4 Scale Figures

    3 months, 1 week ago

    Bo-Katan announced. Anyone getting it? We will upload her in a couple of days. Add her to your wish list or collection (pre-ordered) if interested and we all can know how sought after she seems to be!
    At Secret Base, her price is HK$ 1,730. An increase of 10-15% from similar figures in the last year. Hot Toys is definitely price testing the market!

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    • 100% grabbing this one! Pity about the prices rising though.

      • I am not sure yet, but I would bet I am in the minority. The price is the same as the last Boba Fett, so I expect that Sideshow MSRP will be USD 285, which last year would be a USD 240-250 figure (i.e. Commander Cody & Captain Rex).

    • I can’t justify that price to get it. I’m not super keen on the character either, so I can pass on this if I have to, which I am. We’re talking roughly 325USD total. If it was like 250-260MSRP I could get behind that. Considering inflation and improved quality/engineering that would seem justifiable. Pass for me.

      • I have the same opinion. Just FYI, toys buying agent in HK is selling it for USD 270 shipped (paying 50% or 100% one year in advance, so some counterparty risk). For USD 285 MSRP + I am not as hyped as those who grew up watching “Clone Wars”, likely a pass for me too (I will get it from HK if I do). But it is a very nice figure! At least we are sure that @keeks will post his incredible Bo Katan poses for everyone here : )

    • I’ll be getting her because she’s ultimately a clone wars character and I’m going all in on any CW figures. However that headsculpt is not good, she honestly looks like a man as is. I hope they improve the head, if not mine will always be wearing the helmet

      • hehehe Very much agree. I think the eyes are too small and the face is slightly too elongated. But not a deal breaker per se, especially for someone all in in CW. (really, all the clones if they release them?)

        • ah no I won’t be getting all the clones. Those coruscant guards for example, I’ll be passing on. I do have 3 501st on order as well as Rex. If they release 212ths I’ll definitely be getting those to go with Cody. If they release any named clones like Fives, Bly or Wolffe I would definitely get them

    • I’ve been waiting for this since she showed up in Mando 😀 The HS isn’t 100% on point but still really good. She’ll probably go to my CW collection instead of Mando 😀


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